Can I use a 4850 from a Mac Pro in a PC?

More specifically can I crossfire the 4850 from the mac and the standard 4870?

Thanks :)
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  1. *I mean a PC 4870.

    I know I can crossfire a 4850 & 4870 as even though the 4870 is reduced together they are betther than a 4870. What I'm wondering is as the 4850 is a legit Mac Pro GPU will it work in my PC and if not can I put my 4870 in the Mac!? :)
  2. I wouldnt see why not. The best thing to do would be to put mac pro GPU into the PC and see what happens. I have never actualy heard of someone doing this so my guess is as good as yours im affraid. It should work unless the pci-e connector is different which i doubt it. Although Apple is very proprietary when it comes to graphics cards wich leaved me thinking it may not work. If the pci-e is the same as PC it could work however you would need to flash the cards bios to make it read in PC language not Mac. So it would be a hole lot of mucking around. I would just suggest to save up and go Xfire with your PC, as mac GPU's cost a lot more. Hope i helped.
  3. Thanks,

    What is the likelihood of me ruining my 4850 (from the mac) if I flash it?

    Also, Could I use the 4870 in the Mac without flashing it?

    Finally, can I flash the 4850 back to mac if I need to?

  4. Actually are you sure I need to flash the 4850? What's the difference between the PC and Mac (now that macs run on Intel)?

    Let me explain - I run OS X Leopard on an external drive, on my Dell Inspiron (obviously not mac hardware) and it uses the 8400 GT with no problems with a few extra .kext files.

    Could I not just pop the 4870 into the mac and add necessary .kext files!? :)
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