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my mom wants to buy a laptop, and im only good with desktops (i.e. ive never heard of any of the onboard graphic cards laptops have). she does basic things like skype, go to youtube (sometimes in multiple tabs), facebook, netflix (very important that this runs without a frame rate issue), etc.

we were looking at this:

would this be good enough? if not, could you please recommend a better one? our price range is $350 or less.

any help is appreciated! thanks!!
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  1. The Toshiba you have selected there will probably not perform too well. The biggest drawback to it is Windows 7 and 2 GB of ram (minimum for Win7) - It will more than likely stutter every single chance it gets - I wouldn't recommend it for just web browsing let alone anything more intensive.
    I selected two from Newegg here that you can compare - they both sport integrated graphics (can't be avoided in your price range - so does the Toshiba) 4 GB ram and fair graphics capabilities - I'd recommend either before the Toshiba

    Note that this is not a recommendation or endorsement of Newegg, they simply provide the best description of products I know of - If you like one of those models, shop around with the model number.
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