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I need a Video Card with 4-5 Outputs...

I'm looking to find a Graphics card that can run 4-5 Outputs with SEPARATE feeds to each one. I need tobe able to have 4-5 Monitors in a Given area running 4-5 DIFFERENT Slideshows (One on Each Output).

The slideshows are only 8-10 frames each, so they dont take a TON of CPU power. I'm running this on an Athlon Phenom 2 X6 processor.

Does a graphics card like this exist? OR will I need to build 4-5 Separate CPU's?
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  1. Yes it does, however, you will still be able to attach 1 keyboard and 1 mouse to that PC. So different people cannot use it at the same time.

    What is your motherboard? If it has at least 2 PCI express slots, the cheapest solution would be to go with two of these:
  2. I can buy a motherboard with a pair of Pci express slots, that's no problem... Im also not necessarily looking for the "Cheapest" solution. So If I can find a pair of 3-4 output VId cards to get me where I need (optimally 5 Outs) that would be a better choice.

    AS long as I can run Separate Slideshows to each monitor.
  3. it only took a minute to find these 2 cards on newegg:

    running 5 slideshows independant of eachother is going to be a software thing.
  4. Yes you can run separate slideshows, but as I said, control will be focused in one place (only one keyboard and mouse).

    I don't really think that you have other options for what you want to do: the only single card that is able to display 5 monitors is HD 7870 eyefinity 6 edition, but it costs over $400.

    The first option is buying two cheap flex edition cards - they can drive 3 monitors each, as long as they are connected via DVI (one HDMI port is used with HDMI - DVI adapter). So two of those cards could drive 6 monitors.

    I don't really see any benefit for going with HD 7870 - I bet you will not use that system to play computer games. HD 6450 have more than enough power for slideshows.

    EDIT: Branden was 3 seconds faster than me :D
  5. Thank you for the input, guys. I just wanted to make sure it was possible to do what I needed before buying hardware. I asked the question on a different forum and all answers pointed to me only being able to run one slideshow on 5 Outputs... But not being able to separate them.

    Basically I need to set up a storefront with different advertising slideshows for different departments. Control only needs to be setup at the source, so I dont need control of anything at the monitor locations.

    After all the 6 Panel flight Sim decks I have seen, I KNOW different feeds can be placed on different monitors.. I just dont know how. I was wondering of there was some way to separate it into 5 or 6 Desktops, but I dont know what software I would need to run that...

    Any ideas on where to start on that aspect?
  6. Oh so you need them to slide automatically? Basically, that's how separate screen work: You can drag things to different monitors and when it's done, it stays there. You can maximize the window to fit whole monitor. So you can have different file open on each screen.

    The problem lies within fullscreen mode. I don't know how powerpoint reacts, but I know when you put a game that's on one screen to fullscreen mode, all other screens go black. However, VLC media player doesn't seem to do the same: other screens don't go black when one is set to fullscreen. Tomorrow in the morning I'll have access to a secondary monitor and I'll be able to test it for you. How does it sound?

    Lastly, what format slide show do you have? Power point files? Pictures? Video files?
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    I have tested it. You can have different Powerpoint slides on each screen and you can view different videos at the same time using VLC media player. It works!
  8. Awesome!

    That's exactly what I was hoping for!
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