SLI With GTX 560 2g

I currently have a single GTX 560 2g and i want to do SLI with it so i can run games smoothly through the rest of my highschool career and i wanted to know does the card have to be exactly the same? I currently have a Nvidia one no twinfroster or asi just plan nvidia can i sli with one that isnt? if not where can i buy one i cant find them anywhere?
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  1. Hi

    Any GTX560 regardless of brand/cooler/type ETC... will work fine, you could even SLI a GTX560 1GB with your 2GB card, although your 2GB card would only use 1GB.
  2. you need identical model to sli it, you can use different brand as it doesn't matter.
  3. You need the same GPU (as in another GTX 560, not GTX 560 Ti or GTX 550, you get it), and it's recommended that amount of memory would be the same (even though it works without it being the same, the extra memory is wasted that way, the card with more memory starts acting as if it had same amount of memory as the lesser one).

    The brand and specific model (like twin frozr) does not matter.
  4. didn't know high school was a career...... always thought it was a drag...........

    you don't want to sli a 1gig and 2gig card. Negates having 2 cards because you will lose performance.
  5. Yea make sure your second 560 is a 2GB model. I would suggest a copy of the exact same card you currently have
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    SLI With GTX 560 2g
  7. Thanks i wasnt really sure with the different brands some people say yes and some people say no.
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