Upgrading from GTX 470 to 670

Hi, I wanted to know if upgrading from the GTX 470 I have now to a GTX 670 would be worth it (mostly for gaming at 1920x1080), or if I should look into getting another GTX 470 for SLI (the cheaper option).

Thanks for the help!
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  1. Hi

    See this comparison: http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/519?vs=598

    The GTX670 looks to be roughly twice as fast as a GTX470 so will be a worthy upgrade and I'd recommend it over GTX470 SLI due to lower power consumption, heat and noise of the GTX670 aswell as no SLI issue's.
  2. Thanks for the answer! I think the only thing holding me back from making the upgrade to the GTX 670 is the price...$400+ is a bit steep and prices seem to be higher than the MSRP at the moment.

    Another option I was thinking of was maybe upgrading to the GTX 580? (which performs a bit worse than the 670 on the benchmarks you linked but is ~$100 cheaper on eBay)
  3. I'm upgrading from a 470 as well. I had the reference one from MSI and have ordered the Asus DCIITOP 670. Its the OC'd version and performs as good as the 680, in most cases.

    The price was a major issue for me as well. New GPU's are more expensive here in India. The 670 cost me around $510. I was also looking at getting the 580 instead, but with the reviews and benchmarks I read up, the 670 won me over. It's the price-for-value which is the 670's best bang right now. I won't be looking for an upgrade after this for a long time now, so just made up my mind and am now waiting for it to arrive. Agreed, it's more expensive than a 580, but it's lower on power consumption. As per the link:


    GTX 670 - 317
    GTX 470 - 385
    GTX 580 - 425

    Temperature's is another factor. Same link, running Metro.

    GTX 670 - 76 deg.celcius
    GTX 470 - 94 deg.celcius
    GTX 580 - 84 deg.celcius

    Would you recover the extra 100 bucks in the long run? For me, it doesn't really matter. What matters most is that the 670 uses lesser power and runs a lot cooler. You're also coming from a 470, so I'm sure you're aware of how much heat it generates.

    Imho, its worth the extra pound of flesh in the long run.
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