CPU upgrade on my old Amilo Pro v3205


First of all i want to say im new at this forum, but not new to the "PC world". I hope that i can help other people here, and also get some usefull awnsers to my questions now and then :)
WARNING!! I am Norwegian, so some bad enligsh might appear ;)

So, i have an old Fujitsu Amilo pro v3205, and i found a CPU upgrade for this laptop on ebay for 30$.

The CPU that im using now only supports 32bit, but the one i bought support 64bit. If i am mot mistaking i can install WIN7 64bit on this laptop after changing the cpu right?
And now im running 3gb RAM, since 32bit wont allow me to use more, i should be able to use 4 or 8gb RAM with the 64bit WIN7 right? or is it possible that the motherboard dont support more than 3gb?

(I use this laptop as a travel mate, i know its old, but i just cant get rid of it :D )

Best regard,

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  1. Its possibel themotherbd won't support more as the memory controller is not built into the cpu. Its in the northbridge. The 64bit support you're seeing in the cpu is 64 bit instruction support.
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