Recommended power supply for my computer

Hi guys,

Here is my (soon-to-be) rig:

Mobo = ASUS M5A97
CPU = AMD Phenom X4 955 Black Edition
VGA = Nvidia Geforce GTX 550 Ti
RAM = 2 x 2gb Corsair DDR3 Value 4GB PC10600

all that's left is the PSU, which is i'm confused on

i've already calculated it on the PSU calculator, and it turns out i only need maximum 400 wattage.

should i take 500w or should i go straight to the 600w so that i don't have to buy again later?

which brand should i take?

i got around $75 for budget.

and it have to be the modular one, cause i like when its tidier :D

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  1. Bejusek said:

    should i save more for a >$100 power supply?
  2. No, this two are more than enough for your rig. Both are made by SeaSonic and are very good products.

    If the cables lengths are enough for you go with ssr-550rm for $75
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