I5 3470 or i5 3570k

hi im wondering which would be better than my i3 2120 :wahoo:
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  1. If you were to throw it straight into the rig and not touch it, the 3570k. Comes with a higher clock and boost speed.
    If you intend to overclock, then the 3570k is your only option.

    Though considering you have a H77 board (and therefore cant overclock), the i5-3570 (non-K) is your best option.
  2. and i not getting haswell when it comes becauses it too over hyped and they are changing socket
  3. Well there are your options. I know MSI has some solid Z77 motherboards that overclock for around 100$-200$, so if you wanna start overclocking there's an option, but its really up to personal preference & budget. The 3570 is much faster, and is definitely worth the money, but I'd pay the extra 20$ just to get it unlocked because the value of the CPU lasts long because it can stay for several rigs.
  4. Why do you think I didn't mention it?
    IMO an Ivy Bridge system doesnt really need to be upgraded until Skylake (The architecture after Haswell/Broadwell), that's when I am going to do my next platform upgrade.

    Though if you held out until Haswell and got something like an i7 I can see it being worthwhile.
  5. well i can get a i5 3570k for 199 dollars will that be a waste of money since im not overclocking and i live in australia and with haswell its most for laptops
  6. skitz9417 said:
    well i can get a i5 3570k for 199 dollars will that be a waste of money since im not overclocking and i live in australia

    No because if you ever decide to buy a motherboard & a good cooler, you can overclock. Just think about what you plan to do lets say, 6-12 months down the road with it. If you don't see yourself doing it, go for the 3570.
  7. yoiu will be wasting a bit of money compared to a plain 3570, yes. Though that's a pretty good price, cheaper than what a 3570k is going for right now on Newegg.

    What store you purchasing from?
  8. Hm, I trust PC Case Gear the most out of all of those. What about NewEgg?
  9. Australian build. Amazon, Newegg, Tigerdirect and all those American sites arent an option (costs way too much to import, if the options even available).

    Yea, I'v had good dealings with PC Case Gear before, really good customer service. Gumtree I would be wary of as it is essentially the Australian version of Craigslist.

    Have a look at MSY and Umart as well, also had good dealings with them.
  10. how much is postage on msy website
  11. Would depend where you live I think, but MSY is largely a brick and mortar retail chain. They have stores all around Australia (mainly the East Coast), there should be one nearby. Just ring up your nearest store and see if the have the component in stock.
  12. hey would u think that i should keep the i 3 2120 i know its a good chip and get a hd 7950 3gb for 285 dollars and my res is 1600x900 and i know thats off topic
  13. The 6950 you have is already a good card, somewhere between a 7850 and 7870 for performance at a rough guess. Thats enough for 1080p gaming, plenty for 1600x900.
  14. ok i will just upgrade my cpu then so what would u pick http://www.msy.com.au/default.jsp?category=214
  15. Well since its likely you wont change your motherboard, I can assume your not overclocking. No point getting another i3, not enough of an upgrade to be worth it. No point getting an i7, the performance will be wasted for gaming.
    So back where we started, with the 3570.
  16. ok the i5 3570 non k hey would be a good ssd for my system as well
  17. If your after just a standard OS drive, then a Samsung 830. If its going to be an output drive for recording, video editing or otherwise will have a lot of data being written to it very fast, an OCZ Vertex 4. Get at least 128GB, otherwise it gets used up fairly quickly.
  18. MSY's range isnt that great, especially when it comes to SSD's. That Kingston drive is meh.

    Dunno, but there is little difference between different pastes. Think the difference between the best and worst pastes was like 2c. Though I think a better CPU cooler will be more important than the paste (aftermarket coolers often come with paste anyway).
  19. yea i want to change my thermal paste because i like the coolermaster thermal paste i have the coolermaster hyper tx3 evo and would it be risky to get a h40 cpu cooler
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