CPU upgrade options

Hello All,

I am looking to upgrade part of my system, specifically my mobo and cpu.

My Spec

Amd Phenom II x4 @ 2.8Ghz
Mobo - from dell - no idea
8Gb Ram
Sapphire HD 6950 2Gb
Corsair Tx 650 PSU

Generally I am very happy with performance across the board. I do like to play on my monitors highest res 1920 x 1080 and i can with most games running medium - high settings at a solid 60fps. (depending on the title).

I do feel however that I could get more as my CPU is average at best and only at 2.8GHz. Because I purchased it from DELL when I was vastly inexperienced I updated GPU, PSU etc myself but sadly because it is from DELL I cannot overclock the CPU and am therefore stuck.

I buy all my stuff from overclockers UK and have been looking at their overclocked bundles. I don't like the idea of buying the mobo, cpu separately and fitting myself. Id rather buy one of their pre built bundles and simply connect it all up in my case.

I've had my eye on

But have heard that the bulldozers arent all that great and the piledrivers are better. Has 16gb ram but really i am ok at 8gb but Its part of the bundle.

This has only got 8gb ram

Would appreciate any input such as recommended CPU's, Mobos, any other bundle suppliers. I know computers quite well but am far from a wizard when it comes to which CPU's perform better etc. If i spend the money I don't want to come un-stuck and want to ensure that all my components will run harmoniously.

Thanks All.

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  1. Since its doing what you want right now, I wouldnt buy anything right now and save the money for a future build, probably Intel since they outperform AMD by so much!
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