Upgrading an old Dell C521. Suggestions?

So I'm upgrading my mother's old Dell she has soon. It's an old Dell C521 with a 280w power supply so I'm limited. I know for sure that I will put a couple Crucial 1gb ram sticks in since right now it has a couple old 512mb sticks. The thing I'd like some opinions on is what power efficient, low profile GPU would you folks recommend? At the moment It's a toss up between a GeForce GT 530 and a Radeon 6570 but other suggestions would be nice. Also what other minor upgrades can you think of? I'd like to do a CPU upgrade but then I have to go trust ebay for a used Athlon X2 5400 so we'll see about that. She and my sister will be using it primarily for internet browsing and low to medium quality gaming.
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  1. Hmm do u happen to live near a Microcenter? You could just pick up a cheap CPU/board bundle and consider an overhaul? Even a X2 5400 is wayyy long in the tooth after all that trouble lol
  2. I wish...closest one is about a 4 hour drive from where I live (Central Iowa). Also an overhaul would be nice, but honestly I'm kinda curious as to how far I can push the old thing. The X2 isn't dead yet! I'm bringing it back!
  3. That's a nearly 2 year old thread to pull out...I'm impressed and thankful.
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