MSI GTX670 OC edition not right settings.

Hey there,

I just bought a new GTX670 to compliment my system. However, I have been having troubles with the Core Clock and Share Clock. I understand that in clock readers, the memory displays at half its value due to GDDR5.

Anyway, I completely removed nvidia drivers, used driver sweeper, reinstalled MSI afterburner (could you recommend a better program?) and obviously the drivers, but I seem to be stuck at 705 mhz core (which is terrible) and only 1411mhz shader clock.

Here are some GPU-Z screenshots. When I enter battlefield 3, the default settings boost to 705mhz max, default is 540mhz and 1080mhz:

3d applications -

default -

Is this a bug, or am I really receiving these bad readings? Fully maxed, my BF3 is averaging at around 60fps, which obviously is bearable, but I want my monies worth. My pal with 2x 6850's averages around 70-79fps..

Hope you guys can help here!

Many thanks.
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  1. I had that issue one time, where it was idling at like GTX 570 clocks and then go back to normal.

    Try EVGA Precision X instead of Afterburner
  2. I just checked GPU-Z instead and it's reading the clock values fine. I'm guessing afterburner is pretty poo actually. I used to have evga gfx cards so i can use that program.

    Is there a way I can turn off the power efficiency thing off and keep the clock on max? I find it is slow to respond to core increasing. I would prefer it to be at the 965mhz at all time, and obviously boost when needed. That possible?
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