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First Build, boot loop troubleshooting and revelation

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July 23, 2012 11:10:51 AM

First I would like to introduce myself, My name is Bryce I hail from Washington State, im 24 I have officially claimed "nerd" status over the last 3 years or so after realizing I had a "noob" instinct of acting what I knew instead of knowing what I know(computer wise). I am also a philosophy and car fanatic.

about 35 days ago I recently recieved a tax return in the amount enough for me to purchase a PC I truly wanted(first in my life) so I was estatic that I could finally buy what I had been window shopping for the last year or so. After a some good and bad gambling mistakes, and some strange coincidences I finally got all the parts I had studied enough to concluded safely will be perfect together here's my build:

Rosewill Challenger(Newegg)
Crucial Ballistix Tactical (PC1600 2GB 1333, Newegg)
Antec BP550 Plus(Amazon Wherehouse)
Intel Core i5 750(Ebay)
ASRock H55DE3(UBid)
XFX Radeon HD 6870(ecrater/Newegg)
Western Digital WD2500JS(Amazon)
Windows XP/Windows 7(WD3200BPVT from a laptop)

Upon a test boot and assembly things checked out, I followed all the usual procedures advised to the assembly of all the parts( I even used latex gloves so I wouldnt short the board when installing in the case :D  ). With everything set up I went into the bios to get aqcuianted, while looking around through the settings for about 5 minutes or so, suddenly the screen started flashing these random colors on screen(NOTE: I used an old Geforce 8500 GT before my new one came) and stopped with a frozen screen. I freaked out immediately fearing the absolute worst since i've never seen that before, rushed to turn my PC off, and after a few failed POST's with no video I scrambled to troubleshoot whatever I could

NOTE: here's a revelation from me to you, when an unknown problem with a PC occurs, sometimes we panic, and in our our own paranoia and fast conclusions we can bring another problem into the mix, falsely confirming our suspicions, so when you troubleshoot, tread slowly and carefully using absolute evidence and knowledge, not assumptions and guesses.

looking inside I see the CMOS jumper for the first time, reaching for that I put in the clear position(WITH the power cord and battery in... :cry:  Ran n Stimpy thing to do I know) so I turn it on and OBVIOUSLY it didnt POST. now whats funny is that the PC still turned on and POST(after returning the jumper to normal of coarse) once after again freezing I turned it off and POST, so I clear the CMOS again(with power cord out, but battery in) then realizing I needed to drain ALL the power. Pressing the button once again to drain the remaining power I lightheadedly realize the jumper shouldnt have been in the clear postition during the process. Then after clearing all that up and power on....boot loop

In this case you would assume the board is dead and im wasting my time running my mouth crying out for help, and you may be right, but read on its good.

after a few hours of hardware troubleshooting, checking connections and what not I leave to board out and wake up the next day find its STILL doing the same thing(also I was in my garage where me and my brothers have set up our room, power doesnt seem grounded out here since you get shocked from touching electronics plugged in down here, I could be wrong) so after breadboarding fails I check the forums and find the the clear CMOS thing I did could have fried my board. realizing my mistake I pray to God to spare me this time since I didnt know(you should of heard me too it was funny) then I get into this do or die state of mind for the last hours of the day on what I should do next.

Next day, I got my GPU the day before and after making my conclusions I set out to put all my parts back together, acting as if nothing was wrong with it. I put the board back into the case and put the new GPU in for the first time, turn it on..boot loops, at this point its been boot looping like 2 days and Ive searched all the forums for people with similar problems, some say its a PSU issue, other say its the board which is now a apparent problem I was sure I caused. I was at the end of a cliff and It seemed like I was either setting a tombstone or making a sacrifice to God for my faith. so it boot loops like 20 times after installing the new GPU and as I walk away it suddenly turns on and stays on...?

Thanking God I rush to put everything back in and sure enough it boots up like there was nothing wrong with it, I rush into the bios and try disabling some things seeing what I could possibly do, turn it off to see if it will POST again and it does, I do it again..doesnt(but it powers on no video though) so I clear CMOS AGAIN...sadly making the same mistake as before unintentionally. NOW im sure I messed this board up and at that point I give up trying since i've done that too many times now, but since I thought my only option was to keep trying I vow not do it again and keep on.

back into boot looping I realized now that a bios update is in order(since it was never updated) So I download the later bios verison, create a disk for it and go to sleep leaving it boot looping hoping it turns on..and I wake up an hour or so later and it does. So I update the bios to a later version(using ASRock's Instant Flash) restart it, after POST "BIOS CHECKSUM BAD" after finding out battery may be bad I take it out. after wards it goes right back to looping after a few good POST's so now I just leave the battery out all together now waiting instead of hoping for a successful POST, vowing to flash the latest bios instead.

Next day I wake up and sure nuff its on from boot looping I dont know how many times, so I rushed to flash latest bios version without setting anything else and it works. Next I do some test POST's several times and it goes into boot looping only once(bout 3 restarts) then stops completely, im going to stop here since i've talked to much(STORY 75% finished) what are you thoughts?

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July 23, 2012 6:13:32 PM

Bumped for ya ;) 
July 24, 2012 5:43:46 AM

dansgas1000 said:
Bumped for ya ;) 

thanks. I might need to make a short version since I knew people wouldn't read all this