Please help me choose between these components

Hello Guys,

I have planned to assemble a Decent AMD Gaming Rig, and these are the components which fit in my budget
1. ASUS GTX550 1GB DDR5 or ASUS AMD HD 7750 1GB DDR5
2. AMD Phenom II X2 560 Black Edition Callisto 3.3GHz or AMD FX-4100 Quad Core 3.6GHz Bulldozer Processor
3. 990FX board (sabertooth or Crossfire formula 5)
Please help me in choosing between these components, So that I can have an machine optimized in my budget. I need a good robust mother board in terms of Drivers and build quality so that I upgrade processor or GPU after 1 year.
Any input on this is appreciated
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  1. i would go with the gtx 550ti,amd phemon x2 560 and the sabertooth board
  2. Agree with Skitz, he hit the nail on the heade Graphics should be a Ti, CPU should be the phenom II, and the better board for this build is the Sabertooth board.
  3. Yup a defo +1 from me on Skitz's thoughts but why the X2 and not an X4?
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  5. skitz9417 said:
    i would go with the gtx 550ti,amd phemon x2 560 and the sabertooth board


    Phenom II Makes sense coz mostly Games are optimized for 2 cores, and more cores are largely useless in current situation and I can save some money

    Max TDP of HD7750 shows  55 watts whereas GTX550ti is  116 watts and
    HD7750 supports  DX11.1 whereas GTX supports only  DX11
    Theoretically every site says GTX550 is comparatively superior then HD7750
    If i wish to play Crysis 2 or anything similar at resolution not more then 1600*900 with 4xAA
    Do I really need a 40nm GTX550ti power consuming card over 28nm HD7750?


    Any Cheap 450W SMPS will do for this rig or do I need anything higher then 550W ? I think I might need 550W if I will be using GTX.
    Any input on this?


    Saber tooth is comparatively cheaper. And I don’t need ROG components. Make sense. Is there any other Feature I miss apart from INTEL LAN from crossfire? INTEL LAN is a Big Deal here?

    Small Query

    I had issues Few years ago having ATI chipset based motherboard and SATA Drivers in Linux. Are there any such issues in AMD chipsets these days?
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