27'' Monitor Showdown (2560x1440) HELP!

I'm upgrading my monitor/display, specifically to a 27'', 2560x1440 pixel monitor.

These are my preferences/needs in a monitor:
-High pixel density/sharp image quality and great colour depth in 1440p > 120Hz smooth twitch gameplay in 1080p
-I am mainly an FPS gamer (Battlefield 3), and I find response time important in the sense that I don't want to be able to notice input lag. For example, I find gameplay such as the one found on this video deeply disturbing and I'd rather avoid this.
-I'll also be using this screen for watching films every now and then, and I am quite OCD, so minimal or null bleeding issues would be ideal

After many hours of research, watching reviews, reading forums, I've narrowed down my contenders, in no particular order:

1) Asus PB278Q 27'' Monitor

·It ticks every box in terms of sharp image quality, as well as large size (solid DPI and Pixel Pitch) and on paper is exactly what I'm looking for
·Comes at a very affordable (relative) valuable price
·Not heard of many complaints regarding input lag so this would be the one for me except...

·Many people on forums who claim to own this monitor say they love the first 2 days of it, but then encounter small to horrific backlight bleeding issues, it seems almost everyone who buys this monitor is stuck with horrible bleeding, I have yet to find someone who hasn't been bothered by their Asus PB278Q's bleeding. This really puts me off buying it, as I can just imagine unpacking and installing it, only to find some bleeding somewhere, which would really bug me after spending a lot of money on it.

I'm pretty convinced I won't buy this one, just because I don't want to risk the bleeding issues that I know I'll hate. Unless someone here owns this Asus and can tell me otherwise, I won't be ordering this one unless the discussion sways me toward it.

2) Samsung S27A850D 27.0" Monitor

·It does everything that the Asus^ does well, but a lot better, people (including me) seem to be more impressed with the picture quality and colour depth that Samsung provides with this monitor

·Input lag seems to be a big issue with these Samsung monitors, and that tends to sway people into saying they're absolutely not gaming monitors. Out of the 2 Samsungs on the list, I get the feeling (from research) that this one has a lot less noticeable input lag. Again, to emphasise my referrence point, I'm not sure I'm interested in monitors with input lag as noticeable as it is on this video.
·A few bleeding issues here and there, though not as severe as the Asus^, I'm convinced I won't be too bothered by the level of bleeding I've heard people claim about this monitor.

Of the three monitors, I'm gearing towards this one, mainly because it's a middle ground, in terms of cons. It has fewer bleeding issues and less noticeable input lag.

3) Samsung S27B970D 27.0" Monitor

·Absolute best picture quality, contrast ratio, colour depth, sharpness of all three monitors, in fact, of all 27'' Monitors, this one blows all other 27 inchers out of the water in terms of picturesque beauty
·Slick design, really digging this monitor, it is actually my favourite
·Best reputation in terms of minimal bleeding issues, due to their guaranteed 90% uniformity or some similar term.
·This really is Samsung's créme de la créme for 27'' monitors, real premium stuff, and in my opinion the best 27'' monitor on the market.
·The only thing stopping me from buying this one straight away, is the complaints I've heard of major input lag, frustrating for FPS gamers such as myself, as featured once again on this video. I am aware the video isn't 100% accurate, the perceived lag to us viewers could be the result of many other variables, but I'm just highlighting my big problem with this monitor, is that I'm unsure I'll be satisfied with the response time.

In Conclusion

Please help me out here, if you have experience with any of these monitors or have good advice on the matter please step in and discuss.

PS: All of the assumptions, claims and statements I've made above are based on my extensive research and opinion but I'm not saying I'm correct so please correct me wherever necessary if the need is there, thanks a lot!
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  1. There are the Shimian/Catleap monitors on ebay. 2560x1440 27" for ~$300. 6ms response time and supposedly able to do 90-100Hz.
  2. Quote:
    There are the Shimian/Catleap monitors on ebay. 2560x1440 27" for ~$300. 6ms response time and supposedly able to do 90-100Hz.

    Thank you for the reply,

    Shimian seem to be Apple display factory rejects, and are basically hit and miss. I wouldn't use an Apple display if someone gave it to me, I'd sell it, I really don't like them, so Shimian really does not seem like an option for me. I don't know, what do you have to say for them, do you have experience with them? Please discuss

    Thanks again !
  3. No experience, I have just been thinking about getting one. You could get 2 for the price of an Asus, so it seems worth the risk.
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