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I've got a customer that wants to upgrade his system REALLY CHEAP. He wants a new GPU, but to do that I think he'll have to upgrade his old (2006) power supply from 300w to something beefier. I have a 6870 that I could sell to him but it's probably going to be huge overkill for him. So lets do this, please find me the cheapest PSU that could handle my 6870 and the cheapest that could handle say, a 9800gt. I don't have enough confidence to get him a $20 500w PSU and say "yeah, this will work"
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    Corsair CX430 only has one PCIe power but will handle the cards fine with an adapter.
    Corsair CX500 has two PCIe power
  2. Thanks for the help, but when I mentioned that he would have to upgrade the PSU (for only $20), he was scared away.
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  4. HD6670 or HD7750 are both cards that will run on 300watt PSU's if that is what he wants.
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