Constant programs and PC crashing

so i built a new pc about a month ago, it started out fine. but recently i have been getting constant crashes where it will just shut down, blue screens, then restarts, especially in games. also programs regularly crash like Google chrome and tribes ascend i particular. dont know if these issues are linked or not.

could this be due to overheating? (using stock speeds and cooler)

system specs:

i5 2500k
amd hd 6870
corsair 8gb ram
corsair 500w psu
asrock z68 pro motherboard
antec 300 case.

any help or responses appreciated.

thanks, Andy
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  1. If you could check the temperatures with a program like speedfan that would help.

    It does sound like overheating, the cause of which could be an improperly fitted H/S fan (one peg popped out?) or poorly applied thermal paste.

    Also airflow and the base units situation (near a radiator for example).

    If it is mostly in games it implies the GPU could maybe be at fault, however just browsing implies it could be the CPU or even bad RAM.

    Please post the temps of CPU and GPU to help narrow down the fault....
  2. If it is not overheating, when it Blue Screens, does it show any messages ? If so, what is the message ? Is it consistent ?

    Could be RAM issues through degradation or perhaps a recent driver update, if you performed one.
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