Had visual, saw BIOS, nothing now

Hey there,

So I built my first PC, fired it up, and I saw the lovely BIOS screen. I was planning on installing an OS via USB, so I went to change the boot order. No USB option, so I just switched DVD drive to #1 and HDD to #2. I saved changes.

It asked me to insert the media, but I didn't have it at the time so I simply powered down. The next time I turned on my PC... no visual!

The monitor says "no signal", and it recognizes a cable disconnect when I unplug the VGA.

I went in and made sure the VC was secure, and it was. My Z77 Pro4-M mobo has HD audio right beneath the PCIE slot I need to use for my VC, but it still fits snugly. Everything is plugged in and powered.

My question is, how the hell do I have video one day and suddenly not the next on a new PC???
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  1. Also, the graphics card is an MSI Twin Frozr III 6950 which has been unlocked to the 6970
  2. can you get into the bios or windows safe mode?
  3. At the suggestion of a friend I reset the CMOS. It did not work. I moved the VC to a new PCIE slot, but still nothing.
  4. captaincharisma said:
    can you get into the bios or windows safe mode?

    Nope. I just get the "no signal" when the monitor first detects power, then the monitor light turns from blue to orange and the screen goes black like when it hibernates or is still powered on after the PC is shut off.
  5. Does your motherboard have a visual output and can you hook your monitor up to it?
  6. sounds like it might be a bad card
  7. Anub1s said:
    Does your motherboard have a visual output and can you hook your monitor up to it?

    Do you mean onboard visuals? I just removed the VC and booted it up, and I regained visuals and was able to proceed to BIOS.

    I do have two DVI slots coming directly out of my VC and a DVI slot on my monitor. Should I try using that next once I reinsert the VC?
  8. Well being that it booted with the VC removed and using the onboard, it very well could be a bad card. Check to make sure there are no odd BIOS settings, perhaps do a restore to default, and try again.

    Failing that, try flipping the BIOS switch on the VC to see if that does anything.
  9. then if definitely sounds like a bad card. the mobo should be able to switch to the VC once its installed. one thing i would try is update the BIOS if there are any for it and try the card again
  10. Thank you both for the feedback. I'll work on this last bit of troubleshooting tomorrow night and update the situation.
  11. This reply is long overdue, but it did turn out to be the VC. I just replaced it. Thanks for the help.
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