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Hello All,

I am looking to build a new server to store media and run Plex. I am leaning towards the idea of an attached storage enclosure via eSata but open to other options. I would like to keep the server hardware footprint small and maybe go mini-itx.

1) Hardware needs to be compatible with Ubuntu Server 12.10
2) Needs to be speedy to transcode video
3) RAID 5 configuration with minimum of 14tb usable (enclosure and raid card)
4) SSD as OS drive

Should I go AMD or Intel? Can someone give me some hardware recommendations? I want to do this right the first time and have plenty of room for growth.

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  1. With the transcoding it really depends on how many streams it will need to handle at once but the i7's are the best at it. Since I'm not so familiar with linux I cant recommend any of the other hardware.
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