Cpu/mb upgrade suggestions for futureproof system

Approximate Purchase Date: e.g.: anytime between now and six months from now

Budget Range: want to try to keep it cheapish if possible, below $400-500 would be great. if neccessary i could go to 600ish

Parts to Upgrade: cpu/mb

Primary use: workstation with lots of multitasking, a fair amount of gaming as well

i'm running my old E6600 with 4GB of ram i got 5 years ago or so. i want to upgrade and try to future proof it as much as possible. because of this i'm leaning towards a 4 core with HT from intel.

2 cores really isn't cutting it for me anymore and even the single threaded performance is a lot lower than i'd like. that 4gb isn't cutting it but upgrading ram on a system this old seems like a bad idea

i'm basically wondering if I should 1) buy a used combo from someone, i figured people would be selling off their 2600k systems if they're the sort that need the newest stuff 2) if i should buy something new now, and if so what 3) if i should wait to upgrade because prices will drop significantly / new things will come out (i don't follow this too closely)

are prices on 2nd gen cores going to drop anytime soon?
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  1. i7 3770K/2600K (whichever you can afford) and any Z77 mobo. :)
  2. how appreciable is the difference between 3770/2600? do you expect prices to drop on 2600ks/their mobos anytime soon?
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