[Solved] Computer overheating in games call of duty 3

I just got Call of Duty 3 Modern Warfare and am very exited to delve into the countless hours of doing nothing but sitting on my computer taring up the leader-boards and SLAYING my fellow gamers. Unfortunately my computer keeps on doing something that seems like over-heating, always cutting my game off at around 15 minutes. I am calling upon this forum to help me solve this problem....

Is there any way i can stop it from over heating?

If so, How do i go about the task?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

In Good Tidings,

Annon, ~~(AKA: SuPeRHiGhGuY)~~
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  1. Is this solved, or what? Also, how are you sure it's overheating, are you monitoring temperatures? Is the computer shutting off, or is the game just crashing and you exit to windows?

    If it is indeed overheating: first thing I would do is to make sure you have adequate air flow through the case, open it up, and clean out any and all dust that has caked on over its course of use. If that doesn't fix it, you can try reseating the heat sink with new thermal compound on the CPU.
  2. My GTX 470 was touching 94-96 degs an most games. Today, I cleaned out the case by blowing air into it using an air blower. There was a lot of dust which was blown out!

    I ran MW3 for about an hour and the temp's were averaging 81 (touched 84 at the end of the hour but then came back down).

    So yeah, if the problem isn't solved, try getting rid of the dust which may have accumulated in the system.
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