I have an old 2000 hcl busy-bee desktop....I don't play games and my old pc has never given me any trouble nor has it encountered any major hardware related problems....but now I want to upgrade it.
I wanted to change my mother board with a new one along with an i3 Ivy Bridge processor and 4 GB of ram ..I already have a laptop and I am mostly on the move so I will not use the desktop a lot...but I would stream H.D movies and use the PowerPoint software.
I have a 450 watt psu which is new so I was wondering whether I could use me old cabinet for this purpose...
My current specs are-
Pentium 4 1.70 GHz processor
Integrated graphics 64 Mb
512 GB SD ram
Windows X.P. (s.p 2) 32 Bit
LG 20 inch full HD monitor
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  1. From what I could find on the web that's a slim line PC. It will probably fit a new motherboard but you'll have to be careful that the CPU cooler will fit in the case. If it's a good 450w PSU you will be OK there. You will need to use low profile video cards if you don't use integrated video.
  2. I have a cooler master PSU .... and is the gtx 550ti a good choice for the video card...can i us it with my cabinet...they say it requires a 400 watt system power supply.....
  3. Some Cooler Master power supplies are all right. Some not. See Johnny Guru for more info. I'd recommend a more modern graphics card for lower power and low profile features.


    I didn't have much luck with low profile nVidia cards.
  4. Thanks for the help that card is sufficient for me ......... I have already ordered one for myself .....
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