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This might be somewhat of a noobish question so I appologize ahead of time.

Background: I work from home every so often but am confined to using my work issued laptop. This is always a royal pain because the screen is tiny and the keyboard is awkword.

Dillema: I'd like to be able to dock my laptop and use it with my monitor I have at home hooked up to my PC but I also don’t want to have to unhook my PC each time and switch everything over manually.

Question: Are there switches I can buy that I can hook my monitor/keyboard/mouse up to which would then connect to both the dock and the PC and allow me to switch seamlessly beween the two with something as simple as a click of a switch.

If so do any of these switches support multiple monitors and HDMI? Would a device of this nature impair performance while gaming?

Appreciate any help on this matter.

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  1. Yes they are called KVM's. Some you need to press a button on the KVM to switch and others it can be a keystroke combo.
  2. Yes this is exactly what I was looking for though after reading the product reviews it doesnt seem like the technology has progressed far enough along to support a high def gaming PC. There also appears to be some reliabilty issues with these units. Appreciate the info.

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