Win Server 2008 R2 hangs at license screen...

when attempting to install on an HP DL580 G4 server. After Googling, I've tried reducing the ram from 32gb down to 4gb, removing all pci cards, updating bios/ firmware, updating drivers, running the SmartStart utility, installing the Support Packs, etc. I've also burned the iso at 4x (which is the slowest speed my burner will support) on several different types and brands of media. Furthermore, I've used different images obtained from different sources: retail, MSDNAA, even a couple of bootlegs :( No matter what I do, it ALWAYS hangs at the license screen. Anyone have ideas or suggestions? At this point, I'm ready to toss this 100 lb beast out the window followed closely by ten copies of MS software.

Server specs:

(4) 3.4 ghz dual core 7140M Xeon processors
HP Smart Array P400/ 512mb BBWC RAID Controller
(4) WD Scorpio 500gb 7200rpm SATA hard drives (RAID 1)
32gb pc2-3200 ecc ram
(2) 910 w power supplies
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  1. I dont think that server has official sever08r2 support but I know theres quite a few firmware updates that need to be done first. Have you downloaded the latest firmware dvd and updated the system?
  2. Yes, you are correct. While there's no official support, HP has several documents concerning installing 2008 R2 on this server. I've done ALL bios/ firmware updates currently available to no avail.
  3. For those of you still having this problem, and I know there are a lot of you, I've found somewhat of a solution...or workaround actually.

    After trying everything listed above which I found through Google across various forums, the one thing that worked was to upgrade from another operating system. I checked the Microsoft site supported upgrade paths to Windows Server 2008 R2. I found that Server 2003 R2 (which I already owned - Dreamspark) would install on my server and was a supported upgrade path. Immediately after it installed, I popped in the 2008 disc and it installed without a hitch. I realize that this is not technically a clean install, but it seems to be the closest I could get to it allowing 2008 R2 to install on my DL580 G4. It is running with no problems.
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