Gigabyte GTX 670 - How do I OC?

I am a total noob at overclocking, never done it before but want to give it a shot. What stages in relation to software would I have to undertake? And what values would give me a safe GPU temp?

My specs:

i7 3770k
GigabyteGTX 670
Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H
8GB Corsair LP RAM
Noctua NH-D14 Air Cooler
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  1. Use EVGA Precision X software to OC your card or MSI Afterburner
    Here's a tutorial of how to to use the Precision X
    And here's a thread comparing different overclocks to GTX 670, including your Gigabyte GTX 670.
  2. Here's an excellent 680 guide that ya can adapt to the 670.

    See what's possible here:

    Latest version of Afterburner (including betas) can always be found here:
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