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PC won't stay on for more than a couple seconds..

The CMOS battery was bad, replaced that. It worked fine after. Oh, but it was taking like 3 minutes to post. To get the post beep. I disconnected everything, left 1 stick of RAM in and only the videocard. No HDD, no DVD drive.. Anyway, it did this for... 3 days, then just wouldn't turn on anymore!

Reset the CMOS jumpers. Turned it off for the night, went to turn it on today, and just wouldn't stay on!

ASUS M2N SLI mobo,
6GB of.. I believe ddr2 800 RAM, corsair
The PSU is a 460w enermax I bought 7 years ago 1 12pin connector..
AMD X2 5000+ CPU =/ er.. what could be wrong? I want it running perfectly before xmas :(

the capacitors on the motherboard look just fine..

before it started doing this, it took like 3 minutes to even get the POST beep before it started loading into windows.. Would just sit there with the lights on but no display.
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    did it ever work fine? if so, what did you change?
    sounds like a psu issue to me... try to swap it out for a known working one, see if that helps.
  2. Oh yes, it was perfectly fine before.. the new additions are the case and the hard disk. I bought a new rig and.. the power supply in it fried my parts. My HDD and my DVD Drive, so I took the rig out and only left the new power supply in a raidmax 630w and.. well I'm hoping it didn't fry my motherboard too!!! Going to try a 750 corsair later, its for MY rig, but it'll narrow it down! Thanks for input.
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