Will an i7 fit?

Hey guys, I have an ASUSTeK M4A78LT-M-LE motherboard and I was thinking about upgrading my current AMD Athon II X3 455 3.1GHZ processor to an intel i7 and was worried about slot types which I don't know much about. Can anyone can help me out and let me know if an i7 series would fit my board?

Let me know if any more information about my machine is needed.

Thankyou, Sqoh. :)
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  1. No, they will not fit. They are not of the same socket type.
  2. AMD and Intel use completely different motherboards. You can not use one with the other.
  3. Go here for a list of compatible CPUs for your motherboard:

  4. Thanks for the reply's :)

    Ok I see, could any one suggest a motherboard then, one that can host an i7 series processor ? One maybe you guys particularly like the look of?. Just looking to revamp an old machine and need some advice :(
  5. Depending on your uses an i5 would be better, if you are doing lots of editing and rendering and such then an i7 is good, for general computing and gaming you are good with i5 or even i3.
  6. Why do you want an i7 specifically? Unless you use your computer for video rendering or editing or you run some other highly multithreaded apps then the i5 is just as good. The i7 ( 4 cores 8 threads ) is just an i5 ( 4 cores 4 threads ) with Hyperthreading and in day to day use or gaming the i5 is a better choice.

    If you would post an overall budget and include what you intend to use the computer for and all the parts you need we can help you better.
  7. Give us your budget and intended uses and I am sure you will get some good recommendations.
  8. Its was mainly a gaming pc. I was recommended the i7 by someone else.
    Budget wise. Say about £150 - 200 for each component.
    I will be using it mainly for gaming. I am a programming student so ill also be running the likes of Visual Studio, dreamweaver and all that other jazz :D
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