New GTX 560 Running VERY Hot?

My new GTX 560 runs too hot (on the evga oc scanner, max temp at 95% load was 100C). I really don't know much about computers, and this is my first gaming desktop. I have 1 intake fan and 1 exhaust fan, and obviously working fans on both the PSU and the video card.

Here are my system specs:

Intel i5-3450 @ 3.1ghz, 4 cores
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 560, 1024 MB GDDR5, FTW edition PCI-e 2.0 in PCI-e 3.0 slot
PSU: Antec 750w
HDD: 2TB SATA hard drive (5400rpm)
Memory: 12GB at 1600MHz 4 x DIMM

Whenever I've been gaming for the past few days, my GPU temp skyrockets. The Witcher 2 makes my computer shut down to protect itself @ 100C, and other games stay at around 95C. This is with the GPU load at around 50-60%. My other system components rarely exceed 50C.

This is my idle temp atm, taken straight from SpeedFan:

GPU: 30C
HD0: 37C
Temp1: 28C
Temp2: 30C

So that's as far as my PC knowledge extends. Any help on why my GPU temp triples under stress would be great.

The voltage is also spot on. I also reapplied thermal paste, resulting in a 2C temp drop. Finally, running with the case off results in a 4C temp drop, not significant enough to nullify the risk of burning out the graphics card.
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  1. seems to me there is something wrong with the gpu. My gigabyte gtx 560ti soc had 80 degree load temp at 1ghz core clock and 4580mhz memory clock. Do you have enough room around the gpu? is airflow running normal? and more importantly have you tried overclocking the gpu?

    my advice is download msi afterburner, and then manually set the gpu fan speed to 60%-100% gradually. See if that makes any difference to the idle/load temp..if it doesn't, then there is something definitely wrong with your gpu.
  2. Can you specify the case (brand, model) you're using?

    This might be just a case airflow issue. Temps might be good when idle but the extra heat generated while at load might still be trapped inside the case.
  3. n00b question: is the fan spinning on your GPU cooler? or even :is the fan spinning up when you reach those temps? it should be 100% at that temp and should make some noise :D.
    Also, Core temps on your CPU seem a bit wierd to me -^
  4. Thanks for the quick replies!

    Now. @shamsmu There is quite a bit of room around the GPU, most cords are tucked under metal plates attached to the case. I have not tried overclocking it at all, but it IS factory overclocked by EVGA. Turning the fan to 100% results in, at most, 1C decrease.

    @masterjaw My computer is an Asus CM6870. I'm not sure what the case is, but airflow seems to be normal

    @crisan_tiberiu The fan is set to work at 100% at 90C.
  5. I see. Have you tried to determine the temps inside the case when it shutdowns by itself? No need to touch anything, just feel the air inside the case.
  6. this looks like a case of "cooler does not make a good contact with the GPU". 30 degrees idle and 95 -100 degrees in load its wierd if the cooler is mounted corectly
  7. To see if its case cooling issue, remove side panel and use a desk or window fan to blow air inside the case. If results change, you have found ya problem. My son's twin 560's (Asus 560 Ti DCII TOP) run at about 82C under full load when overclocked to about 1020 MHz.
  8. do you have any friends who can try your gpu on their system? Or if you can borrow another gpu and try to use it on your system. I'm guessing there is something wrong with the gpu itself but just in case- try to run the test to make sure.
  9. @Masterjaw Yes, the air blown by the GPU is only slightly above room temp, and the rest feels at about room temp.

    @Crisan_tiberiu How can I check if that's the case?

    @JackNaylorPE The farthest I can go is opening the case (as I don't have a fan handy at the moment), which causes the temp to rise slower, taking around 10 minutes to max out instead of 2 minutes.

    @shamsmu No, sadly. My friends could care less about computers.
  10. Based on your response to JackNaylorPE's inquiry, seems like the heat is being trapped inside the case.
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