Any advice for my new computer build

I'm building a new computer next week and I wanted to see what the community had to say or any advice. My budget is around $1750
Uses=Gaming, video editing, movie watching/ videos, web surfing

websites: Amazon, Newegg, and Ncix

Only system:

NZXT 410 phantom (red) $100
ASUS sabertooth z77 $225
2x Corsair vengeance red 8gb 1600mhz $98
I7-3770k $330
Evga gtx 680 signature 2 $520
M4 crucial 256gb $180
Seagate barracuda 1tb 64mb $85
lite-on internal dvd writer $18
Corsair tx750 v2 $100
Antec 620 kuhler $59
Pce-n15 $28
Total value= 1743

Wireless card needed. In the future as it gets older I most likely overclock the CPU. May Sli in future too.
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  1. forgot to mention i will have a 140mm fan in front, two 140mm fan on top, and one 120mm fan on bottom
  2. Depending on if video editing is a hobby or professional, the i7 might not be needed.
  3. actually it was just a hobby but i picked the i7 for future proofing
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    There is no future-proofing in the world of computers. Technology advances at an uneven that you can never know if something will be worth it in the future. However, that build looks good overall. Only one thing: the GTX 670 is only about 5-7% slower than the 680.
  5. yes i know but the signature 2 has dual fans so its better for overclocking and it is the clocks are about a 100 higher on the this model
  6. Thank you Azeem40 I took your idea and i'm going with 15-3570k and the gtx 670 ftw
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