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Does this adapter is compatible with my graphics card ?

I got a brand new video card MSI Geforce gtx 650 , i know that my psu don't have 6-pin pci-e but my video card brought an adapter and my psu has two free wires , these cables are compatible with my video card ?

Sorry for my English!
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  1. What is your system ?

    PSU model/brand ?
  2. Asus M4n68t-v2
    CPU:Amd Athlon 2 XII 260
    PSU: Turbolink switching power supply atx-tl500w.
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    That GPU need 64W and 5.3A.

    Your CPU ~60W .Add HDD /DVD/RAM and you are at the 180W Needed

    In term of W its ok. But im worried cuz its not a branded PSU.

    Still that cyberpower (correct me if im wrong) came with 6670 (Which needs ~60W)

    So i would use that adapter .
  4. That is not my real Cyberpower pc , i could not find a picture of mine . thanks for your help
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  6. You'r Welcome !
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