Pc problem while playing online games

hello everyone

was wondering if anyone could help me with my pc issues..my monitor suddenly goes to sleep mode in the middle of a game (mostly online [e.g. crossfire]) even though the computer's still on and i have to reboot the pc by pressing the reboot button.sometimes the game just exits by itself.hope you can help..

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  1. open your start menu
    type "power saving" into the box at the bottom there.
    click on "change power saving settings"
    next to the plan you have selected, click "change plan settings"
    set the dropdowns to never.
    that should do it.
  2. thanks but that didn't fix the problem..:(
  3. check for crapware that comes with the computer.
    crapware as in useless programs that do the same damn things windows does.
    there might be some power saving utility that is screwing with you.
    or you can just uninstall anything you know is useless.
    also decrapifier is a nice program.
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