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Is Sparkle a good gpu brand?

these are my system specs

I5 2500k
Asus p8p67 mobo
8gb crossair vengeance
2tb sata
amd HIS 6950 1gb
Cooler Master Haf 922 case with 5x fans
Xigmatic 700W modular

now i am thinking of upgradeing my Gpu .. i have been a AMD fan for a long time but after checking the benchmarks and the power costs aswell as the temperatures i found out that GTX 670 is a pretty solid gpu that even goes and beats the 7970 at 1920X 1080...(now i dont want any suggestions of which GPU to buy etc as i have already made up my mind on GTX670)..

however... here in Pakistan only 2 brands are avilable... EVGA.. which costs around 46k Rupees... and Sparkle which comes with Replace warrenty and a price tag of 39k (cheaper and better service than EVGA)
but i am not sure about sparkle.. can any1 suggest me if its a good buy?

thanks in advance.

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  1. I got a Sparkle that has been working under normal daily use since 2008. The model is nothing fancy, in fact it is just GT8500. But if such a low end card can last for almost 4 years without any hiccup, I expect more from higher end models. & the replace warranty is a good safety net in case you get a bad one.
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    I've had a Sparkle GTX460 for the longest time and its still working after being fitted into 4 different computers between 2 different people. I have it paired with a new Celeron G530 right now and it works like a charm.

    Sparkle seems to be fine to long as you are cool with saying "I've got a Sparkle graphics card"
  3. hmm so i guess ill go for sparkle than... i just dont want something like xfx...which has a rep of dieing after afew months of use
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