Dell studio XPS 8100 will not start

I have a Dell Studio XPS 8100 that I purchased in 2010. A few nights ago I went to start the computer and it would not start. It had a green light on the back, but the start switch would not light up.

I replaced the power supply with dynex 400-watt ATX. After installation the computer start button turns white but then goes to flashing amber and I get a series of six beeps. In my manual the six beeps states it is a video card problem so I replace the video card, with the same results.

I have also tried removing my memory and trying different combinations of my memory all with the same results.

Could you please assist me with any further troubleshooting to resolve this problem.
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  1. This is a good reference. Go thru it step by step. Make sure the MB poser conenctors (both) and the video card connector are on.
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