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Desktop won't fill screen

I'm using windows 7 ulitmate 32 bit sp1, with an hd 3650. I recently used a dvi-hdmi cable (after upgrading from a vga cable) on my 21.5" monitor however there is about a 1" border around the screen. I have seen other solutions but they don't work for me as it's an older version of ccc. Also, my ccc keeps on crashing. The options for scaling/auto adjust won't work on the monitor.
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  1. What are the available output ports from your 3650? Is it 1xDVI + 1 x VGA?
    What is your reason to upgrade from the VGA cable?
  2. 2x dvi. It came with a dvi-vga adapter. I upgraded from vga to use dual monitors. My other monitor only has vga
  3. I usually have the same problem when connecting HDMI to my monitor. The solution is varied & depends on the individual model. For my TV ( i know you have monitor so this may not apply ), I use the "Zoom" function although on exactly the same TV model & also connecting via HDMI, the way to fill up the screen is different setting.

    Any chance you can get another DVI to VGA adapter & also use VGA cable for the 2nd monitor?
  4. then i won't be able to watch 720/1080p videos. That's the reason i bought it. From my experience, i can only view these via the dvi-hdmi cable and not with the vga cable. I'm gonna try reinstalling the CCC but with the AGP hotfix (i forgot to mention it was AGP not PCI/e)
  5. Don't worry, it's sorted now. I reinstalled the CCC, went to scaling options and put it to 0%
  6. Okay. Glad it ends well for you.
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    yes this has to do with overscan/underscan, it's stupid and shouldn't be a problem for any display with a native resolution
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