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I have intel core i3 processor with psu 450 watt with 4 gb ram i currently have 8400gs nvidia graphic card which i have to change plz can someone suggest me a good graphic card which is perfectly suitable to my pc.
Plzz suggest me a good brand too.
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  1. How much can you spend? Do you use your computer for gaming or other purposes?Can you afford a better PSU?
  2. no i wil use same psu. i use computer for gaming purpose. and i can spend any amount just need a good graphic card.
  3. What is your monitor resolution & what games do you plan to play with your new graphics card?
  4. the best value card today would be a hd 7750 and would work easily on any generic 400w psu and consumes max power 55 watt . it would compliment your i3 perfectly.
  5. monitor resolution is 2,560x1,600 and games like crysis 2, prototype, max payne 3, ghost recon future soldier
  6. 2560x1600 is a heavy resolution to support. What monitor brand & model is that? Must be very expensive...

    If it is really a 2560x1600, the minimum GPU model that will support that resolution is 560 Ti or 6950 2GB. In this case, you also need to upgrade the PSU to at least 500W with 2 x 6PIN PCIe connector.
  7. I can connect another monitor which has resolution 1366x768. plz recommend for that.
  8. The 7750 recommended by panwala 95 is best choice for 136x768. It is powerful enough to have good performance & supported by your current PSU.
  9. but will my psu support it because it requires exact 450 watt and none psu are 100% efficient. and what if i prefer galaxy gts 450. is galaxy a good brand? and how in gts 450 nvidia graphic card for my pc?
  10. The power recommendations on the manufacturer's website are always a little exaggerated. The 7750 does only needs power from the PCIe lane which is limited to something like 75 or 80watts.
    I think the 7750 is a bit faster than the gts 450 and it draws less power and as you know your PSU is the weakest part of your rig
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