SBLive + W2K = bad joke man

This thing is bugging me ever since W2K launch and sblive w2k drivers (liveware 3).
Sound is full of crackels and when the driver is loaded i hear a big static noise.
I had this problem on a k6-2 vs. aliV chipset as well as on a duron/athlon and via chipset.
I've also changed video boards from s3 savage 4 to a TnT.
Same sh_t.
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  1. The LIve is a piece of garbage. I keep telling people, they keep buying them. They follow Creative blindly. People who think the SB LIve sounds great do not know what great sound is! They simply buy them because of four sets of logic: 1.) They cost more retail, so they must be high end (yeh right), 2.) everyone else seems to buy them. 3.) they've always owned SB products and don't know enough to change 4.) Creative is the industries sales leader. (because of 1-3).

    In reality, almost every soundchip maker offers a similar sounding product for between $10 and $20 retail. Nearly everything that is priced within the Live's price range sounds better, uses fewer system resources, and has fewer problems.

    Video killed my Radio Card!
  2. Crashman,

    What do you recommend that will be compatible with all of the software (esp games and esp older ones) and be better than the live series ?? I respect your opinions and help and this is a serious question as I build a new box about once a year


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  3. For computers Not using VIA chipsets or Win2k, I recommend Vortex2 cards (VIA has a timing issue that affects their operation, and Aureal never finished their Win2k drivers).

    For anything that can't use the Vortex2, I recommend the Phillips Accoustic Edge.

    For something little cheaper, I recommend ESS chip soundcards.

    For something with front controls, I recommend the Hercules Game Theater.

    Video killed my Radio Card!
  4. As u were saying ,lagger, there is a "soundcard" that i'm dying to get my hands on that will be worth the bucks.
    It's called the nForce from nVidia and will change everything about your PC.
    1 mobo+case+HDD+CPU+etc=1 hell of a game-work-etc.STATION
    No incompatibilities, no conflicts, 1 DRIVER !
  5. Currently, I'm using W2K on MSI K7T266 (VIA KT266) and SBLive! Value with practically no problems. I've installed the latest VIA 4-in-1 and W2K SP2. I can't say much about sound quality since I don't have the 'golden ears' but as I said, no problems for me.
  6. my live runs perfect in win2k... not a single problem...

    if in doubt blame microsoft...
  7. you seem knowlegeale aboutt sound cards... what would you recommend for a high quality speaker setup (prefferably optical out) running win2k and linux?

    if in doubt blame microsoft...
  8. Well, the speaker setup has absolutely nothing to do with the OS u're using. Most of them have optical interconect.
    The best for u is the one best fitted for your pockets and that sounds nice 2 u.
    I can't recommend 1 because there r 2 many.
    If u really want 1 then a 2(4)+1 setup is a must.
    All of them have quite good subwoofer response but the mid-hi speakers r not one of the best still, they sound quite well ( of course they're not designed for crazy home partying or stuff like that).
    So a sistem with 1 subwoofer of about 25W and 2(4) sattelites of about 5-10 w each will do.
    And of course u got your ears.
  9. I use what was state of the art two years ago. Speakers are not O.S. dependant anyway.

    Video killed my Radio Card!
  10. I figure I'll throw this out:
    I used a computer with a SBLive Value hooked up to a million-dollar Clair Bros sound system (to play MP3s). The sound quality was perfectly acceptable, so playing MP3s and games out of your $50 speakers shouldn't be a problem :)

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  11. i implied which sound card to use... for speakers im getting the new sony's... 810s or something the 150w with graphite tweeter... amazing sound quality... 5 of those and a 150w sub... costing me a fair bit (as in the 6.1 amp... ouch!) im getting a 5.1 setup but there are no amps that can pump out 6 x 150 watts amd i want a straight one company only speaker amp combo... this one pumps out 7 x 150 so its all good... allows for a future upgrade to 6.1 as well... got the decoder builtin.... i was asking about which soundcard to get for a new box... either use the nforce onboard or the audigy (im getting it in october so both should be out...)

    if in doubt blame microsoft...
  12. Do you have the latest VIA 4-in-1 and W2K SP2 instaled?
  13. Crashman,

    You said:
    "In reality, almost every soundchip maker offers a similar sounding product for between $10 and $20 retail. Nearly everything that is priced within the Live's price range sounds better, uses fewer system resources, and has fewer problems."

    I am wondering what the basis for these statements is, i.e. testing done by you, someone else, or heresay. If possible, I'd like to review the data to make my own decisions (links?). I am always interested in learning something new regarding my PC.

    I don't challenge your expertise on the matter, it's just that I've been using my SBLive since they first came out, under 98, then 2K, and to me it has sounded great. I admit I have no basis for comparison, thus this post.

    Also one thing that seemed to be missing from your post which was one of the attractions for me, to the live, in the first place is: a comparison processing power. For example: the SBLive does really great echo, flange, etc...


    P.S. I usually have trouble hearing something like a 0.01% difference in signal to noise ratio, for example. So pointing to spec sheets doesn't really work for me, but is a good place to start. I may be a bad testbed for this though, since I had a cranked walkman on my head from about age 13-18.
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