WI-FI the signal is very weak on my HP Pavilion m6 1035dx

I have this laptop
Its Atheros wifi adapter s very weak. When i was having my old laptop I was able to sit in my room with excellent internet signal, but with this new laptop the signal is weak. I tried to reset my DLINK router. Nothing happened. Tried new drivers. No help. What should I do? Can I overclock this adapter?
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  1. scout_03 said:

    My drivers are even newer. Still working sucks..
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    Have a check to see if the router you are using is an N standard router, the laptop supports the N wirless feature wi-fi standard in the laptop. it may be the case if your router can broadcast an N signal it is not turned on, but more likely set to a lower standard like 54g.
    If you can up the routers broadcast signal to N you should get a better signal and a faster wireless transfers.
    You will need to login to the router to change the wireless settings and change the broadcast standard to N if the case.
  3. what is the dlink model so i could check the setting on the net for it
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