I7 2700k vs 2600k vs i5 2500k vs i7 3770k

Which processor should i choose i was gonna build an 8350 but the bios chips and stuff would take too long im buying iff amazon so please review and oc oart picker with amazon would be nice i really want the i7 cause i want the hyperthreating technology
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  1. Depends what your goal is. If you really want/need hyperthreading then the i5 2500K is already out of the question. If this is simply a gaming machine though, the 2500K should be sufficient.

    On amazon the 3770K is priced slightly higher then the 2600K, performance wise they're similar but the 3770K has lower heat output and power consumption due to it's 22nm design. It also have a better onboard GPU. If these are not a factor for you then go with the cheaper 2600K.
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