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Integrated Graphics not working correctly? Need help please...

I recently built my first 2 PCs, a desktop and an HTPC, and I am having problems with the HTPC.

I have a Gigabyte GA-A75M-D2H FM1 MoBo, an 2.7GHz A4-3400 llano CPU, and 4 GBs (2x2GB) of G.Skil Ripjaw RAM. I also have a BD player, a 300W PSU that was built into my HTPC case, and a 100 GB WD HDD that I borrowed from an old computer to save money.

The back of the mobo has HDMI, DVI, and VGA outs. I have a 42 inch panisonic plasma TV that this is hooked up to. Naturally, I used the HDMI out because it was the easiest-- I already had the cable.

Well the picture just looks downright bad,it isn't crisp at all. When I go to play a movie, whether it is full 1080p or a dvd quality rip, there are colored artifacts all over the picture and it stutters the whole time.

I tried to change the screen resolution, because it isn't as crisp as when we hooked my wife's Macbook up to the TV with a mini-DVI to HDMI adapter, but the screen resolution won't go up to 1080. The max I get (that looks like it has the right aspect ratio for the TV) is something weird like 1600x 1024 or something.

I just don't understand why this would look so... Bad.

Should I hook it up via the DVI? I could find a DVI to HDMI cable pretty easily. Also, could it be because (I'm pretty sure) the computer is outputting at a refresh rate of 60-70Hz and the TV (since it is a plasma) refreshes at something like 500-600Hz?

Any help would be appreciated, if this thing just doesn't work, Ineed to return all the components. Right now I just can't affort to spend $250.00 on something that doesn't work for what I got it to do.

Thank you!
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    looks like your video settings arent right. go to catalyst control centre -video- and enable lcd overdrive which should solve your problem cheers!
  2. That's the thing... I never installed any sort of graphics drivers or controls. I never installed the catalyst control center or anything like that. I am being forced to manage graphics through Windows 7's stock control panel settings.
  3. Update: I just found an "Automatically detect and install drivers" thing on AMD's site. I am running it any I'll see if this helps.
  4. You can't really expect it display correctly without graphics drivers. Install them and then report back. If you cannot find them on AMD website, use the disc which was provided with the motherboard.
  5. I just looked everywhere and my MOBO didn't come with a graphics driver disc, and if it was on the main driver/utility disc, I couldn't find the proper things to install.

    It was way easier to just go to the AMD site and do the autodetect thing. I got the AMD Vision Engine Control Center installed and everything looks way better. But there were just 2 things that are still a little amiss.

    1) It is set for 1080p but the image is about an inch smaller than it should be all the way around, so the edge of my screen has an inch wide black border...

    So while messing with the AMD software, I discovered overscan and bumped that up a little, which essentially made the displayed image a little bigger. It is now the full size of my tv BUT

    2) The image is a little off center. It is perfect top to bottom but the image is shifted about .25 inch to the right... I know this seems REALLY nit-picky, so if there isn't a fix I'll just deal. But if there is an easy way to move the displayed image around the screen without changing resolution, please met me know!

    Thanks for all the help!

  6. You should be able to resolve it using AMD Vision Engine Control Center scaling/pan options. There isn't really any other way.
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