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Radeon hd 6950 not performing as expected

Hello, I had recently purchased a radeon hd 6950. Unfortunately as of late it has been lagging and dropping FPS in Diablo 3 of all things... Could you guys look at my specs real quick and let me know if something i have is bottlenecking my graphics capabilities?

Thanks in advance,
Andrew Ireland

XFX DD Radeon HD 6950
Intel Core i3 530 @ 2.93 Ghz
7 GB Ram (Weird right?)
Motherboard Alienware 0RV30W
875 PSU generic.
750 GB 7200 HDD

Let me know if there is anything else you guys need. Thank you, i also have PassMark Scores which are.

3dGraphics Mark - 2446.6

Avg is about 3056...
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  1. Is Diablo the only game you're noticing a performance drop? If so its most likely not due to your video card, as much as it simply is the game. I have a 7950 overclocked to match a 7970 and I get lag in Diablo. Its not due to the video card though as the game easily runs at over 100fps average. The Lag I'm pretty sure is due to blizzards battlenet servers which youre forced to connect to even to play single player.
  2. It's more cause i have the FPS monitor on and i can see the physical drop and the statistical drop, i was just curious. I lagged a little when playing SC2 offline with 32 carriers and a MS, but i anticipated that, i was running everything max.
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    I have a GTX580 and see huge fluctuation in FPS with Diablo (via the in-game FPS counter). That said, it never drops below a very playable 60 FPS, so I haven't worried much about it. I see the same thing on my 6970M mobile card.

    I think this is the nature of the game. It seems more steady when I am running solo and fluctuates a LOT more when 3 other peeps are in group.
  4. Alright, seems like i was just worried about something small, this card had some big shoes to fill though from my 5670 lol. Thanks for the input.
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