Deciding Between These 2 Builds

I have two builds I had a few friendly people put together for me. I was wondering if anyone could give me tips about the two. Ways to improve, or save money, or add a bit more money for increased performance.

I plan on playing the most recent games on maxed settings if possible, and recording while doing so to post on YouTube and look back on it in a few years.

If anyone could put together a better build that would be fine, I'm looking for between $1000 and $1500.

First build:

Second build:
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  1. i know the second one was screwysqrl's build (im pretty sure)

    ill tell you the differences

    1:the second one has a better cooler than mine.
    2: i have a slightly better motherboard (either one works fine)(first build)
    3: the second one has orange colored ram while mine is blue. depends if you want to pay the extra dollar for a different color. they are the same
    4: first one has a much better SSD. second one has asynchronos nand chips while the first one has toggle nand (2 classes above asynchronos nand)
    5:first one has a much better gtx670 due to the better cooler and PCB. the galaxy one is the same thing as the evga ftw gtx670
    6:first one has a bigger and modular power supply. it can support SLI fine. the second one has a 650w which isnt very recommended for SLI
    7:first one has a much more premium case.
    8:second one has a bigger monitor while first one is slightly smaller. first monitor is better because it has a higher pixel density resulting in clearer images. first one is also much thinner and energy efficent
    9:first one has a dvd drive
  2. You're correct about who put together the second one. Thanks for the tips. What motherboard do you have? How much more does it cost?

    Also, for the monitor, would the lower pixel density be better for higher resolutions?
  3. the one i suggested was the gigabyte z77x-ud3h but the asrock board is ok as well. its your call. i personally would be getting the z77xud5h for myself as it has more features

    i dont get your second question. higher resolutions tend to have a higher pixel density. 23inch 1080p monitors have lower pixel density than a 21.5 1080p monitor since there is more surface area to stretch out the pixels, there fore making pictures not as sharp.
  4. asus tends to use more quality components compared to asrock at almost every price point
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