Weird crash on 6870

I'm currently running on :

CPU: Intel i5 2500
MOBO: Intel DH67CL
PSU: 650W Gembird psu8x
GPU: AMD Radeon 6870 1gb ddr5

And ever since I got this a few months back it has a weird issue which has gotten increasingly frustrating to the point of becoming a problem. :pfff:
What happens is, every time I visit any site with flash animations (like youtube) and hardware acceleration is on my screen goes black and I lose control of the mouse and keyboard. I can hear the fans running but I can't do anything except for restarting the pc.

Wrote a ticket to sapphire support, they suggested re-installing drivers, updating mobo bios and disabling integrated vga. Did all that and it still didn't fix my problem... so I thought I'd c what u people have to say on the subject while waiting for a reply from them...
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  1. Hello,

    Do you have a spare PSU to try out? If not, a spare GPU to try out? Sounds like either a PSU or GPU issue.

    BTW that PSU looks - bad.
  2. i would start by using cpu-z look under the spd tab for your memory. do a print screen and print out the screen shot. you then want to power down and go into your bios and see that the mb is reading the ram voltage and speed right. if it is check from the mb vendor and ram vendor that the ram in on the qal list of tested ram. if you have two dimms pull one and see if the error still there if it is run memtest on one dimm. if it passes swap the dimms. if both passes download hardware monitor and check that the temps are fine and the power supply voltage is fine. if there fine try running intel burn in or prime95 this will test only the cpu and ram. as the test ru the cpu going to get hot. if it gets close to 80c stop the test and check your cpu cooler that it working and on right..if it passes that burn in i would try a gpu burn in to see if the gpu is the weak link.
    if it not a hardware issue as it reboots with video...make sure you have the newest amd drivers and flash and java and your using the newest browser. (older version of firefox and flash with hardware turn on in flashed caused flash to lock up in firefox).
  3. Try turning off hardware acceleration you dont really need it on for anything in when it comes to flash on websites if your on youtube righclick it goto global settings and untick hardware acceleration, i found out depending on the card models hardware acceleration will sometimes change your GPU's clock speeds, so yeah turn off hardware acceleration and see if the problem still persist
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