Issues w/ new AMD A8-3850 / 6550D IGP build

Wanted to get some thoughts/opinions on some issues I've been having with a new AMD a8-3850 build.

w/ Biostar A75MG Mobo
8GB 1600 DDR3

After a brand new win7 installation and loading all of the latest drivers and updates, the computer doesn't feel quite as snappy as another i3-2100 system I built a few months back. This is despite the A8 having the superior Radeon 6550D APU integrated graphics vs. the Intel's HD2000.

By snappy, I am referring to the small things in windows and web-browsing, i.e. scrolling up and down pages, pop-up menus/drop-downs, opening/closing/minimizing/maximizing windows. It's hard to explain since I don't play any games anymore, but the i3 system just "feels" quicker, like everything is instantaneous vs a slight delay with the 3850.

I'm also having an annoying problem with google chrome crashing frequently, with the "Aww, snap" page popping up at least once almost every time I browse. I'm wondering if all the issues are related to the AMD drivers/catalyst control software.

Would a discrete graphics card make things any better on the AMD system?

Anyway, just looking for a place to start troubleshooting, or else be told that this is normal for an AMD system.
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  1. What you are describe does not have anything to do with the IGP. It has to do with the CPU processing performance itself. The things you described are all driven by the CPU itself. It task processing time to populate a drop down list, it takes time to resize windows, open / close programs, etc.

    While the A8-3850k is 200MHz lower than the i3-2100 clockspeed, the actual difference in performance is quite large. The A8-3850k would probably have to be clocked at around 3.6GHz to equal the i3-2100 in general performance where only one or two cores are used.
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