6870 in new rig, bF3 ultra?

Hey guys.

i am in the process of building my new rig. i will be using a 3570k, ASrock Z77 extreme4, 8gb corsair vengeance which is all new.

I will be using my MSI HD6870 HAWK, which i have oc'd to 1000mhz core and 1200 memory. now my question is, will it run BF3 on ultra at 1080p? i know my card is mid/high end and is the weakest in my build but i cant afford a new one just yet and replacing my core2dua ddr2 system is a must! :)

ive seen on passmark that my card is quite high up on the rankings and with my overclock do you think it will manage?

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  1. It will not. I know my GTX 560 Ti (which is more powerful than HD 6870) is overclocked to its limits as well, however, I cannot max out BF3. All I can do is play with everything on ultra, just MSAA turned off. Of course, I'm aiming for no less fps dips than 40, and I'm talking about multiplayer experience. With those settings, my GTX 560 Ti averages at 50-53.

    I did try turning full ultra on, however, fps averages around 35 and drips to 20s whenever shooting is happening. Definitely not playable.
  2. no not at 1080p you would need at least dual 580s for stable frames with all settings at max (including AA deferred) i know dual 560 ti's cant run it from experience (both at 960 mhz) and 570s have trouble as well. its a intensive game that requires loads of graphics resources on ultra. the 6870 will get by with high textures and medium everything else, no AA of course.
  3. wow, high textures and medium everything else, are you serious?

    even with the 3570k hd4000 thing. now i dont know much about hd4000 but it does something to boost graphic power dosnt it?
  4. no hd4000 is integrated graphics for those without deticated gpus also simply called graphics cards. hd4000 does nothing when you have deticated graphics.

    im not sure what you are expecting but the performance at 1080p will be worse than you expect most likely. im not you, so its your job to tweak the graphics settings to your desire and get the playable quality for yourself, i just predict that high-medium is what it's going to get.
  5. You said you already own the HD 6870. What kind of performance are you getting at the moment at what resolution?
  6. i have not purchased BF3 yet becuase i know i wont be able to run it. my new rig isnt built yet

    i have an old socket 775 core2duo, ddr2 ram @ 800mhz so i didnt bother because i like to play games at max

    but i play skyrim on max, 30-50 fps

    i know BF3 is a different story, but as we speak im seeing some youtube vids on people with same card and worse processor on ultra in multiplayer with 40-60 so im confised, guess it will be ok.

    oh, and thier 6870's are all stock clocks.
  7. Link any of the videos please.
  8. I call BS. A HD6870 will have no difficulty with BF3 on "very good" (most settings at ultra, especially in single-player) settings. No, it won't be "ultrasupermaxomgwow," but for those kinds of visuals, a walk along a decent nature trail, or perhaps through an art museum, will be more satisfying. Go ahead and get BF3. See how it runs with your HD6870, and then decide if you need an upgrade:
  9. That guy is not running ultra ;). It's mix of medium/high/ultra. But yea, you should be able to get that performance. Though, I wouldn't call 40 fps very smooth :).
  10. Aye, i'll do that.

    thanks for all your input guys, and thanks for the links. very interesting.
  11. Oh, and Sunius I probably should have quoted another poster; your comments seemed reasonable to me. I get irked by people with apparently more money than sense who are quick to insist that some obscenely expensive hardware is needed to enjoy games. Quite frankly, BF3 with many lowered settings still looks great; for those most interested in the gameplay itself, I suspect it would be enjoyable with a HD6770, maybe even less.
  12. Dont get me wrong, im not a GFX whore, the game i play more than anything is minecraft :)

    but when it come to BF3, i would like to marvel at its beauty whilst enjoying the gameplay that got me hooked to BBC2 for many months.

    anyways, peace out.
  13. Yea I agree. It still looks amazing at medium/high settings. My cousin uses GTX 550 Ti and is able to play it on high settings at 1680x1050. He enjoys it a lot. To be honest, I can't really see any visual difference between high and ultra unless I compare them picture to picture.
  14. Quick note to jtt283, the 6770 on a 2.66 dual core is horrific on low at 1080p. I mean everything low. In an overclocked core 2 quad or higher it might fare better.

    That's what drove me to a whole new system. Well, and I really wanted to build one anyway...
  15. Yea my 6770 looks great at 720p with med alternating settings. I'm running an asus gtx 670 now and honestly, as long as you can get the gameplay smooth the settings are meh to me as the engine itself is quite stunning regardless.
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