Add a third ''virtual monitor'' for eyefinity

Dear Tom's Hardware users!

I have got two identical monitors running in eyefinity, but as you well know double monitors will result in the corsairs ending up in the middle of your setup which is also bad for your aim in first person shooters. Now too my question.

Would it be possible to add an new ''virtual monitor'' within Windows or by using some software in order to accomplish my task
much like in Daemon Tools but for monitors?

Here follows three examples (please note that the third picture is what I'm trying to accomplish using ONLY two monitors with an eyefinity setup):

This is what it looks like today 3360x1050p*

This is an normal eyefinity setup 5040x1050p

This is what I'm trying too achieve 5040x1050p (3360x1050p*)

To clarify my issue, I'm simply trying to create an full eyefinity setup by only using two monitors and asking if it's possible to add an third virtual monitor
in order for me and others too achieve it with only a par of them.

I know that by adding one or even two monitors will increase the stress on your GPU resulting in lower framerates,
this is not my issue and again I'm only looking for a way of going around my systems hardware settings much like Daemon Tools.

AMD Radeon HD6970
Samsung SyncMaster T220 (1+1)

Thanks in advance
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  1. No you can't. that doesn't even make sense
  2. unksol said:
    No you can't. that doesn't even make sense

    That's rather bad news, guess I have too get myself an extra T220-monitor then.. darn scientist!
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