Can't get my nvideo 8400 gs out of its PCI-E slot ! URGENT !!

I can't seem to get the video card out of it's PCI-E slot because the left side (the side of the video card closer to the back of the computer) feels like it is stuck in the PCI-E slot. I dont think the i/o shield is causing any inconvenience for the card i think im missing something in order to pull it out. On the right side of the PCI-E like all PCI-E slots i pull the lever up and put some force to pull it out and that side slides out but the other side wont budge. Please help i need to put my new radeon card in & it's getting annoying. I dont know how the person who built ym computer got it in but i do not want to take out the motherboard and then take out the video card that way. Please help thank you so much !
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  1. bump, anyone ?
  2. You push the lever down not up. Also, if you want to easily pull it out, re-plug the display into the graphics card and use one hand to hold the port and the other hand to hold the bottom corner on the opposite end of your card should be where the lever is.
  3. ^ not following your suggestion . Its a PCI-E Slot and at the bottom right is a small tab that clicks around the card, you pull up to unlock te card from the slot . ALl PCI-E slots have a bottom right lever to pull UPWARDS .
  4. Unlock the Slot Lock than pull graphics card out using strength or get someone to pull it for you

    Same extact problem happen to me a year ago but i got out magically.

    Did you just pushing it back in (Not hard) than pulling it out ?
  5. Well, seems that we have different boards, mine pushes down to unlock.
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