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I found 2 desktops (towers only) for sale. Specs are:

Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q6600
4 gb ram
250gb hard drive
nvidia 8800 gt video card
windows 7

AMD A6 3670K
AMD HD 6530
ASUS Motherboard
500 watt PSU
Raidmax Case
500 gig hard drive
8 gb ram

Obviously the first one is cheaper, but I want to know how much you guys would pay for each one

ps. They 're both pretty good (except the 8800gt that needs upgrading) for modern gaming right?
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  1. Not really. Both GPUs aren't very good for gaming, and both CPUs aren't great for gaming either. I would build your own if you could as you can get better performance for less. What is your budget?
  2. My budget is $100-150, $200 if I sell my current pc lol. I'm too broke to build my own, but I want a system that will play some games moderately until I can afford to upgrade. But do tell how much each one is apprx. worth, I wanna know if this is a deal and if there's room to negotiate (the guy selling them has a lot more experience than me)
  3. And why is neither cpu good for gaming? they 're quad cores... I thought any quad core with a good gpu can play most games
  4. What are your current PC's specs? For that low of a budget it'd be worth just to save more as both have no real upgrade path (other than the GPU).
  5. igna86 said:
    And why is neither cpu good for gaming? they 're quad cores... I thought any quad core with a good gpu can play most games

    The Q6600 is old and has poor per core performance. The A6 3670k is newer but is still low end.
  6. they're not ideal. but if it we're me i'd go for the first one. I wouldn't pay more then 200 for it though as long as the tower was complete. 150 without an OS. I've have a few friends that still use that setup. you can play many older games. and it will do well with a cheap video card upgrade later down the road. something like a gtx 650. borderlands 2 runs at 1080p on low-medium settings.
  7. The tower is complete (I think). The guy's asking $200 for the first and $330 for the 2nd. I was planning to offer him $160-170 for the first one (I'm sure he'll take it). BUT, I do plan to upgrade the gpu (which would you recommend?) and want to make sure it will be worth the investment-or should I keep the 8800gt? I'm not an extreme gamer just want to be able to play mw3 or black ops (whichever's the least demanding) maybe a driving simulator too like TDU2 and euro trucks 2. Will I be ok?

    My current pc is not even worth mentioning (a430n), my other pc has an athlon 64x2 but still will need another $150 in graphics and power supply to play anything, and still not beat the Q6600 (I think)
  8. Really neither are that great. The Core 2 is really old at this point and weak compared to todays computers. The A6 is new but in terms of CPU power it's in the low end area of APU's.
  9. I'd go with the first one. Just get a Radeon 7750 or GTX 650 and you'll be fine until you can afford a new computer.
  10. whatever gpu you can get for about 150. I have a few friends that run the q6600 and a gtx 460 and are playing modern games at decent settings. Like I said before the 8800gt is a bit long in the tooth. most modern games will only run on the lowest settings. It can barely run borderlands 2 at 1080p but there are still plenty of older games it will run well.
  11. Thanks guys. Luckily I sold my bike today and have $200 extra. Now I'm thinking of getting something better and found this: Quad core intel i5 - 2400 3.10GZhz, 6GB RAM, 320GB hard drive, 2 PCI-e slots, Win 7 does not have a graphics card. Guy's asking $425, I figure I'll need to spend another $150 for a good card and maybe more for power supply. It'll end up costing me at least $600 but is it worth it? Should I get this or the one for $200?
    Also, what exactly is a pci-e slot?
  12. The I5 is good but the 2400 but it has a locked clock so it can't be overclocked. This is fine if you don't want to overclock but if you are you will want to look at a 2500k. As for graphics I think you are confused. Physical graphic prduction has nothing to do with Windows 7 it has to do with hardware. Video signal is created by a graphics chip integrated into the CPU or from a video card which is plugged into the PCI-e slot.
  13. No i know that. I should have put a period after "win 7", I meant the computer does not have a graphics card (other than the integrated) and will have to install one to play games. And I'm not really interested in overclocking-not sure how to do it either.

    The i5 is better, but comparing the specs from the first pc (with the Q6600) to this, is it worth the +$225? I'm not talking solely based on the processor but which machine is the best bang for the buck as a whole (ram, hard drive storage etc).

    If I do get the i5 with $425 then I'm back to being broke with not much cash for a graphics card- but if it's worth it I can wait another week to buy one.

    If I get the first pc for $200, I can get a card the same day for $100+ and still have saved $125..and I can still play some games if I decide not to upgrade the card right away

    ps. is the 2nd one (w/ amd a6) really not worth the extra $130? It's a complete machine and I can use it right away, and other than the cpu (which is low end, yet new) it has pretty good specs, including a good graphics card (saving money there)

    I really don't know which to choose-help me out before I spend my money on something else and end up playing solitaire on my a430n!! (hey, no lag whatsoever)
  14. You could build your own for $450 and get a better deal with more room to upgrade.
  15. I agree with montosaurous. There are plenty of budget builds for about 600 bucks. However I would spend the 600 on the newer machine vs. 350 on the much older one.
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