No boot: Failed CPU, PSU, or RAM?

My computer fails to boot: I get no output to the screen. The power-supply fan turns on. The PC speaker will beep appropriately if there's no ram. Otherwise there's no signals of life from the computer.

I purchased another motherboard, initially thinking that was the problem and get the same results. So now is it the CPU? Or possibly the power-supply, or RAM?

Is it possible for the CPU to fail and not receive PC speaker beeps from the motherboard?

The computer stopped working after shipping it across country on an airplane.

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  1. Also, if it's suspected that the CPU has failed, can anyone recommend a replacement CPU for a Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400? Something cheaper, around $100-ish.
  2. If everything checked out right when you turned the pc on you should of got one short beep. That would mean there is no hardware problem.
    The computer would not do this if the Cpu was damaged.
    It will be more of a case of a bios reset back to factory defaults. Any other beeping noises other than just one will relate to a problem with other hardware inside the pc.
    Look up bios beep code error messages.
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