Integrated gpu not working, need help please

Just built a new system

Intel dz77ga70k
I73770 k
Gskill 16 gb x2
His hd 7750

I have installed all the drivers but can't install intel hd graphic driver, says my system doesn't meet the minimum requirements.

In desktop utilities it shows that integrated gpu is disabled. How do I enable it?
I tried looking in device manager but couldn't find it.
Also can't install lucid virtu universal, says it can't detect integrated gpu?

Please help, would appreciate it.
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More about integrated working please
  1. It shouldn't be necessary to do this, but have you entered the BIOS setup and checked that it was enabled?
  2. I finally did enable it in bios but in desktop utilities it is still showing disabled. It is showing up on device manager & says to be working okay. But now virtu universal doesn't seem to working. I have installed latest hd graphics driver. Have connected via display port on graphics card

    The reason I want to enable is coz I heard that using virtu universal prolongs the overall life, at least that's what they claim on intel site.

    I don't know if I'm just wasting my time & should just leave it alone.
  3. When you are using a dicrete graphics card the integrated GPU will not work because the integrated one is from intel so you cannot crossfire or SLI it for AMD or Nvidia.
    If you remove the discrete card then the integrated GPU will work.
    But if you had a AMD APU then the integrated GPU can be crossfired with a discrete card of the same series.
    But why do u want your integrated GPU to work , it will be anyways way slower than your card.
  4. Thank you guys very much, I think I'll take all your advice & not bother about integrated gpu.
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