Asus P5N-D Running hot/Overheating

I have a core temp gadget that i always run and today i noticed it at something crazy like 95c while playing a game so i kinda freaked out and been idleing ever since. It has never been high before, i think the highest i saw it was 65c or something. So i get speedfan and speccy and like everything is overheating. I don't usually deal with this type of stuff but I'm thinking it's pretty bad from reading forums. Not sure what to do.

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  1. that pic above from speedfan is in degrees F not C. Get HW monitor, i think its more reliable at measuring temps and is better laid out, easier to read/understand. It always pays to clean the dust from all your heatsinks/fans at least once per year.
  2. I used a bunch of different temperature monitoring programs, they all say basically the same thing. I cleaned everything and i'm too poor to buy new components atm so i'm probably just going to take the mobo out so i can clean everything and re-apply paste. I'm probably gonna be screwed if it doesn't work.
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