Powerful GPU w/o Direct connection to PSU?

I was going to order the 6870 Radeon until I realized it had to be connected to the PSU via 2 6pin connectors..I wouldn't know where to start to do this..

My current one is Radeon 4830..it is powered by the Mobo (Plug and play?) and requires no wiring..

Is there any GPU that requires no wiring to the PSU and is powerful in these times?

I would prefer one without power connectors to the PSU because I wouldn't know how to do it, I don't want to blow my PSU/new card out..and I honestly cannot afford to take it to someone to have it done and they charged 100$ for 20 minutes or less work..

Any suggestions?

My PSU = 550 or 500 watt..not sure but its 500's
Mobo: gigabyte ga-ma-770-ud3 rev 1.0
cpu: amd athlon 5200+ 2.80ghz dual core(brisbane)

Newest Game I own: Diablo 3

My old card did good until BFBC2 where I had to play on medium settings..and now I have windows 7 with Aero and Aero is taking some of my FPS as games like CSS/L4D etc have had fps loss going as low as 40..where it used to stay 115+ with windows xp
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  1. Most powerful graphics card in the word that does not need a 6-pin PCIe power connector is HD 7750.

    Though, HD 6870 is around 60% more powerful.

    I'd say you should not be afraid to touch the PSU. It really is not hard - you cannot get it wrong. The procedure is standard:

    1. Open your case, take out old graphics card.
    2. Put in new graphics card.
    3. Find two 6-pin connectors lying around in your case.
    4. Connect them both to the graphics card.

    That's it!
  2. i don't think there are any extra connectors in my case..i am pretty sure they are all used or aren't 6 pin :(...

    my PSU is also at the top of my case (top back) instead of bottom back..i think the card comes with 2 6pin connectors but idk if they would reach they look short in the screenshots on newegg
  3. What brand and model is the PSU? Are you sure the HD4830 doesn't have just one PCIE 6-pin connector on it?
    Even if your PSU is only capable of 300W-350W (e.g. a Logisys, Diablotek, Raidmax, or Apevia), it should be able to handle a HD6770 or HD7770 IF it has at least one such PCIE power cable. If not, like Sunius says, the HD7750 is the best you can get for it. In any case, your CPU will botteneck anything significantly more powerful than any of those three.
  4. idk the brand of the psu..its most likely raidmaid or corsair..500 or 550, i forget but its in the 500s

    i just didn't want to mess with the psu..

    would i be better off upgrading the cpu rather then the gpu?

    everyones been telling me the cpu is going to bottleneck it anyway but ever since i installed windows 7 my other games that used to run 115+ fps now jump from 115 to 40 to 70 to 115 again..i tried disabling all the effects in win 7 but it didnt help..this is the whole reason i am seeking a new gpu

    i am positive there is no connector going into my 4830 :S
  5. Corsair and Raidmax are two entirely different beasts. Corsair are among the best, and Raidmax makes PSU-shaped objects that are not really fit to power computer components.
    If it's a Corsair, you can run a GTX560Ti or HD7850 without problems, although the former needs two PCIE power connectors.
    If it's a Raidmax, I'd replace it ASAP, and in the mean time not put anything more demanding than a HD7770 or HD6770 on it.
  6. Where would it say the brand of it?

    It seems to be a fantastic power supply as far as longevity, its 2008 and has been through more power surges and outages along with storms then I could describe..I can't tell you how many times my heart sank from a power surge only to be relieved that its all fine :S

    I don't need anything over the top and I would like to stick with Radeon because i've had bad experiences with Nvidia in the past..

    I just don't like the power connectors..if its really not that hard i might consider it ..
  7. You can get a good replacement PSU to run your HD 6870 for about $50.

    You're looking for at least 400w 80+ Bronze.
  8. Just open up the case and look at the sticker. It will say the brand there.
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